We have a variety of kebab meat that is available to purchase.
Our Range�

Sultan Classic
Our widely popular kebab, the Sultan Classic, with its fantastic taste and texture, has become a huge favourite among takeaway owners. The kebab contains the finest lamb, beef and chicken, and is mixed with our secret Sultan recipe for outstanding flavour. This truly is a classic kebab but with a Sultan twist.

Sultan Lamb
Similar to the Sultan Classic with its fantastic taste and texture, the Sultan Lamb combines the irresistible taste of lamb with Sultans secret recipe. This special blend of ingredients produces an exceptional lamb kebab.

Sultan Gold
Sultan Meat Products would like to introduce our premium kebab, the Sultan Gold. The kebab gets its name from the gorgeous golden brown colour the kebab turns whilst being cooked. With a dedicated team of specialists sourcing the finest halal British beef and lamb, the Sultan Gold kebab is unrivalled in taste and quality.

Sultan Barakat
Barakat means �blessing� and unlike our other kebabs, the Sultan Barakat is moitored by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) throughout the production process giving you extra high quality assurance on our unique kebab. With HMC standards assured, Sultans secret recipe and the finest ingredients, the Sultan Barakat is fast becoming a customer favourite!

Sultan Chicken Shawarma
Our chicken kebab comes in three varieties � Chicken Mediterranean, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tandoori. All kebabs use the finest chicken and are mixed with our secret Sultan recipe for exceptional flavour.

Cooked Kebab Meat
Cooked at our state of the art facilities by a team of experts, we offer beautifully cooked kebab meat. Cooked using the finest lamb and beef, we offer succulent kebab meat that is cooked using our signature Sultan recipe.

The cooked meat we produce is ideal for Chippys, Students, Familys, Partys, Bbq's, that do not have the capacity to cook kebab meat, but want the mouth watering taste of Sultan doner!

For information about price and quatities please contact us.