20/12/09 - Sultan is proud to have finally launched their new website

Its taken numerous weeks but here we have, the new Sultan Meat Products website. Designed and built by, the final design portrays the slick, professional way in which Sultan operate.

12/09/09 - Sultan donates £7000 to Kort and Islamic Relief

Sultan donates £1000 to Islamic Relfief

Besides its respected efforts in the Meat Industry, Sultan Meat Products has become an active supporter of charities such as Islamic Relief and K.O.R.T (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust); the former charity tackles poverty, illiteracy, disease, starvation and suffering to the world’s poorest people. K.O.R.T supports orphans that have lost their parents in the devastating earthquake disaster. In January 2009 sultan donated £1,000 to Islamic Relief and £6,000 to K.O.R.T and they intend to continue to support these causes.